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Our Mission and Values

 Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus is the heartbeat of African Enterprise. Mission

African Enterprise has been evangelising the cities of Africa through mission, in WORD and DEED, in partnership with local churches for over 50 years! We’ve only just begun…

Our passion to proclaim the Gospel is carried out primarily through evangelistic outreaches, or ‘missions’ , in the major cities of Africa.  We believe that all people – from street children to presidents – need to hear and be changed by the Gospel!
Cassidy on Mission in Africa

Our Mission

To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.

Our Core Values
  • We are team based – seeking to form strategic partnerships and alliances
  • We are committed to reaching every strata of society holistically
  • We seek to bring peace where there is conflict
  • We are committed to the authority of scripture and adhere to the Lausanne Covenant statement of faith

Our Team

The Faces of African Enterprise

Today AE is a partnership of approximately 600 staff and countless volunteers and friends representing ten Ministry Teams and Five Support Teams. These teams, departments, boards and individuals have committed themselves to continue the mission given to AE at its start – ‘To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed, in partnership with the church.’

African Enterprise International is governed by an International Board which appoints a CEO and Chief Operating Officer  to oversee the leadership of the global organisation.

AE’s International Staff

Michael Cassidy, Founder of AE and his wife Carol


Stephen Lungu AE’s International Evangelist








Australia Board Members

African Enterprise has a board of ten governing members from Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Jeffrey Lindsay Collett: Chairmanjeff-collett

BSc (Eng).

Mr Collett has thirty years management experience in large international engineering companies and has held directorships in public operating companies and industry associations. Recently retired, he is actively involved in a number of Christian organisations.



matt-stedmanRev Matt Stedman

BEnvSc, B Div.

Rev Stedman is the Senior Minister at St Bede’s Anglican Church in Drummoyne, NSW. He regularly travels to Africa to train Ministers and Pastors in theology.




tony-hanne-2Dr John Anthony Hanne


Dr Hanne is a practicing Medical Doctor. He is a Director of a Bible College in New Zealand. He has visited South Africa, Zambia and Uganda to teach the Bible, train Pastors and give medical advice.




judy-wong-seeMrs Judy Wong-See


Mrs Wong-See is the Principal of an executive search firm, Credence International. Having begun in corporate and government sectors, her work in recent years identifies senior talent for the leadership of Christian Not For Profit organisations.



ben-henshallMr Benjamin Henshall


Mr Henshall has many years experience in the sales and marketing roles for Australian and multinationals IT companies. He has been actively involved in his local church in various ministries for the past decade.



david-cainMr David Cain


Mr Cain has over 2 decades of business management experience within large multinationals. He has held increasingly senior leadership roles across the disciplines of commercial strategy, government affairs and policy development. He has a passion for Africa, Board Governance and AE.



Mr Rohan Gilchristrohan-gilchrist-bio


Mr Gilchrist has worked extensively in banking and finance throughout Europe and Australia, in a number of senior directing role. He has a passion for empowering, inspiring and coaching colleagues, and for charity and fundraising events.




chris-siriweera-profile-minRev. Chris Siriweera

B. D. (RTC Geelong).

Rev. Siriweera is the Senior Minister at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Surrey Hills, Vic. He is excited to see the church grow through strong leadership.






Aid & Development

“I want to open a tailoring shop for my business,” said Brenda. “With this I will raise my family, and I am going to train others and share my skills with them. May God bless the donors and African Enterprise for enabling me to know how to pray and share a word of God!”
Brenda, Malawi Tailoring Project

Some of THE AID AND DEVELOPMENT Projects you support EACH YEAR

1. Tanzania HIV and AIDS Education Project
This project helps educate approximately 10,000 children each year and reach a community of over 60,000 people.

2. Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Project
Together we have helped give apprenticeships to 17 young people living in Accra each year. Read More

3. Kenya Mathare Women Empowerment Project
25 vulnerable women had their lives transformed and were empowered with skills to start businesses and provide for themselves.

4. Malawi Tailoring Project
Each year, around 30 women’s lives are changed in Malawi with new skills and abilities. These vulnerable women would otherwise be caught up in prostitution.

5. Kenya Korogocho Latrines
The sanitation project in the Korogocho slum has positively impacted 72 households by enabling them to have access to clean latrines due to your support.

6. Rwanda Water Project
The Kabuga Community in Kigali, Rwanda can now provide clean water to 700 people.

7. George Whitefield College (GWC, Cape Town, South Africa) – Disadvantaged Students Fund & Capacity Development Fund
AE works in partnership with GWC to support disadvantaged students to complete their studies. Read More


Lives Transformed

“It has never been easy for me since I dropped out of school due to lack of funds. My life has been under the control of friends who manage to feed me. The good part of me tells me it is better to learn vocational skills in order to become self-sufficient. There was no means for me to learn any trade. By the grace of God, I heard about the good work AE is doing so I made a move to the office. Lo and behold I was given the opportunity to learn aluminum fabrication. Though I have just started I am hopeful it will end well for me. May the good Lord bless African Enterprise for the good work they are doing.”
Alex Collins Seddoh, Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Project (SCAP).

“Once I complete my training in 2 months’ time, I am hoping to start a small dressmaking and embroidery business near where I live. Once my business is stable, I will also create opportunities for other women interested in learning a skill to come and learn from me. I believe that through these skills, my life will be transformed economically and my family will live a better life. I wish to thank the Mathare Women Staff and AE for their love, support and commitment to empower me. May God richly bless you.”
Esther Wangari, Mathare Women Empowerment Project.

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Mission Focus from African Enterprise Australia on Vimeo.

An introduction to missions

For over 50 years, AE has been committed to a mission,

“To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church”.

This vision given to AE founder Michael Cassidy has brought the Gospel to millions of Africans over the years. AE is unique for our focus on stratified evangelism – reaching people at whatever place they are in, be that a presidential office, business board room, slum, marketplace or many other locations. There is no one audience for a mission audience, AE evangelists have been able to share the Gospel with every strata of society in any given city selected for a mission. AE try to run at least one large city mission in each of our 10 African Office countries, as well as a number of smaller outreaches and evangelistic events.

There are 3 phases of a city-wide mission, as outlined below:


Over the course of a year, the church of the city will trained and prepare for the Proclamation week. Training will typically begin with church pastors, then lay leaders and local evangelists, and finally mission volunteers. Often counsellors are trained also, in order to help with the Preservation stage of mission. Training courses may include Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) training in core subjects such as New Testament or Biblical Theology, evangelism skills, caring for new believers and more.

During this time, AE National Team Leaders and Mission Directors are in communications with government and local authorities in order to secure large venues for use in the Proclamation phase. Missions are not a secret, and because teams are trying to reach every strata of society, having good relations with local or national authorities is crucial to successful missions.


A typical mission lasts 7-10 days. It is a combination of word and deed events, to correlate with our overall mission statement. Every mission begins with a physical (and symbolic) city wide clean-up of the streets because we are anticipating that Jesus is going to sweep and clean the hearts of people.

A National Team will also run a Leadership Dinner, if possible, to share the Gospel with the political leaders of a city through speaking about what good Christ focussed governance looks like.

Then, hundreds of evangelists go out into the streets to engage with every strata of society: professionals, business people, school children, academics, factory workers and street dwellers. There may be as many as 2,000 separate meeting events in a single mission!

“What a joy it is to see people from all walks of life coming into the kingdom of God!”

(Stephen Mbogo, AE CEO and International Team Leader)

The expectation is that not only will many hear and respond to the message of salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, but also that Africans will reconnect with the Gospel if their hearts have grown cold, and become mature believers. A mission is also about rebuilding and encouraging the churches of Africa to press on in the faith as increasingly mature believers who can go forth to proclaim the Gospel further.


The final stage of a mission is lifelong! As soon as a mission is concluded, mission volunteers follow up new believers through ensuring that these new believers get connected in to local church parishes. Prayer for these new believers is vital. Ensuring that local churches are ready to care for new disciples is critical, as we anticipate a great influx of new Christians after every mission. Sharing experiences and stories, especially testimonies, discipleship classes, forums and other events are all valuable ways to follow up and preserve the harvest of souls post mission.

Looking to the future, it is important to encourage believers to mature and grow in their faith through committing to lifelong, mature lives lived for Christ. Attending church every week, participating in Bible study groups and training events, and supporting subsequent missions in their cities and beyond are important. Theological training through AE funded courses such as Explore (through George Whitefield College), Preliminary Theological Certificate (through Moore College) and many other locally adapted evangelistic programs, help to strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the Church in Africa.

Missions in 2017

Please join us in praising the Lord for His power and mercy and to pray for the mission journeys completed, and those ahead in 2017.

Nation Mission Dates
Kenya “Malindi Mission” 29th June – 9th July
Rwanda “Kigali city south-east mission 2017” (Kicuriko) 18th – 24th July
Uganda –  AE Staff Missions Training

–  Kampala City Central And Nakawa Mission

–  University Mission (UCU), Kampala

13th – 14th September

15st – 24th September

25th – 30th September

Ghana –  GEF/ Mentoring training, Accra

–  “Accra City South (Ga South) Mission 2017”

8th – 14th October

18th – 31st October

Malawi/Zambia “Lusaka City Arise Leadership Mission” 4th – 11th November
Ethiopia “Dessie Mission” 21st – 24th December
South to North Africa initiative (Reverse Mission) Tunis, Algeria, Egypt, Ivory Coast, March, June, December
Mission Africa Togo, Senegal, C.A.R, Angola, FDE Lilongwe May, June, October
DRC Lubumbashi Mission (University Mission) TBC
Zimbabwe University Of Zimbabwe Mission (Mt Pleasant Campus) TBC

Missions in 2016

From one end of Africa to another, 2016 saw people of every sector of society remembering and turning to the Lord in prayer, in song, and in their lives. Over 550,000 thousand Africans were reached by Gospel teaching through Missions projects all over Africa!

African Enterprise has reached thousands of people with the Gospel: from a Vice President in Zimbabwe, to a drug-addict and gang-leader in South Africa, from an embittered and imprisoned wife in Uganda, to a questioning intellectual in Ethiopia. All across Africa, from those in prisons or without homes, to those at the pinnacle of political power, lives have been radically and forever transformed.

Please join us in praising the Lord for His power and mercy.

Above all, remember that each number listed below represents an individual person and a reborn soul who, because of your partnership, now has the hope of heaven in their hearts. Because of you, they are able to walk with Christ and must grow in their love for Him. Pray that their faith would go deep and that they would not be choked by the worries and cares of this world, but would flourish and grow to yield their own harvest, thirty, sixty and a hundred-fold. Details of those reached for Christ in 2016 are shown below.

Total Reached: 558,097 // Total Saved: 51,987

2016 Missions at a Glance
Missions saw people of every sector of society remembering and turning to the Lord in prayer, in song, and in their lives.

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Foxfires Youth Teams

Foxfires (affectionately called ‘Foxies’) are hard at work across the continent of Africa, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 226 million (UN 2015) youth who live there. Their mission is to bring Jesus to the very youngest strata of society, because no one is too young to put their faith in Jesus!

There are teams in many AE countries: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya and DRC (new in 2017). Each team is comprised of a number of young men and women who apply for the training programme. Many have heard about the Foxfires programme through earlier teams who have invested in them. Others come from estranged or neglected childhoods, and have come to know Jesus. As a result, they feel compelled to serve Jesus in this way.

Foxfires teams train in areas including:

  • Creatively Preaching the Gospel
  • Preparing Youth for Life
  • Equipping Leaders to Serve
  • Mobilizing Youth for Missions

Teams move around the country participating in city-wide missions and presenting at other locations such as churches and schools. Performances by a team can include dance, drama, testimony and life skills. Foxfires share the Gospel of Jesus with children and youth through explaining their own relationships with Christ.

Theto Shoroma, one of the South African Foxies for 2016 says,

“We spread the Gospel creatively in dancing, drama, testimony and poetry. Also, you go to school, teach life skills that help young people deal with daily challenges.”

Supporting Foxfires means empowering future generations of children to know Christ, and to live joyous lives in devotion to him!

Foxies SA youth 16

2016 South African Foxfires graduation.

Read the testimonies of the 2017 Foxfires!

Kenya 2017 Foxfires Profiles

Malawi 2017 Foxfires Profiles

South Africa 2017 Foxfires Profiles

Zimbabwe 2017 Foxfires Profiles

See what the South African Foxfires are up to:

Peace and Reconciliation

African Enterprise desires to bring peace to where there is conflict. We’ve been working to bring peace in South Sudan since the violent outbreaks began in 2013. We’re currently working with Parliamentarians in South Sudan to bring reconciliation to government leaders. Peace and Reconciliation workshops are held for grass-roots and church leaders to teach those impacted by the violence how to forgive and come together as a community.
Learn More >>

Annual Reports

Financial Transparency is key

It important to African Enterprise to remain transparent regarding all of our financial dealings.  Our Annual Reports are a great way to remind our supporters of the missions undertaken throughout the year. The reports contain stories and testimonies from those who went on mission, reports from our board and International CEO (Stephen Mbogo) and much more. Please follow the links below to view past Annual Reports from African Enterprise Australia, including allocation of funds.

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report


You can also view the most recent financial statements below.

2016 Financial Statement

2015 Financial Statement

2014 Financial Statement

Our History

 Michael Cassidy & The history of African Enterprise

As a young South African man, just 21 years old, Michael Cassidy had a heart for his people and felt the Lord calling him to city-evangelism in Africa. During the summer of 1961, he set out on an exploratory visit to 31 major cities of Africa, a trip in which God’s vision for Michael became clear. On a long walk on the beach, Michael drew an outline of Africa in the sand and wrote “claimed for Christ” inside it. His experience is recounted in the book African Harvest: “He wrote in his diary; ‘I asked God for 50 years of ministry in Africa.’”

Cassidy with Nelson Mandela

Michael Cassidy & Nelson Mandela

Cassidy with Billy Graham

Michael Cassidy & Billy Graham








“Michael’s vision and courage were key contributors to mobilizing the church in South Africa to challenge and topple one of the most evil and divisive systems in the world, namely Apartheid.”
– S. Doug Birdsall, Honorary co-Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation
History of Michael Cassidy with Festo Kivengere

Festo Kivengere & Michael Cassidy

Graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1963, Michael returned to South Africa with a small team and his work began. The first city-wide mission was held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and from there the work expanded slowly across the continent. A second team was established in Uganda in 1971 under the leadership of Bishop Festo Kivengere. Today AE has teams in ten African countries: Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Ethiopia.

Read more about Michael Cassidy >>

Events like these search your soul and give you that boldness and that courage in the Spirit to actually stand up and do what you need to do. It becomes practical.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.”
Mark 9:37