The ‘Return to God’ Mission to Kampala has concluded. AEE Uganda and the International AE family spent 2 weeks cleaning streets, proclaiming the Gospel and sharing Jesus with people all throughout the city. Already, though only a few days have passed, people are coming to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. You can read about the mission below through reports, testimonies and photos gathered from open street evangelism so far. We are so excited to have reached over 165,000 people this month in Uganda!


Opening the mission to Kampala

End of week one: school & medical outreach events

‘Return to God’ Kampala Mission Report


Richard and Aine

Veronica (full)


“My parents are not able to pay school fees for me because of their financial status. For this reason, I have had to discontinue school. I used to believe in God but I was not saved. Now that I have heard the gospel and made a commitment for salvation, I believe that God will provide for my parents school fees so I can further my studies. Also, I am excited to learn about Christ and I want to continue growing in Him. Thank you so much for coming to our place and also making it clean. God bless you.”


I am a mother of two. I got saved a while back. Though I am saved, I have found myself struggling with alcoholism because of all the frustrations I have faced in life. I do not have a stable job or a husband who can support me and my children. For this reason, I find myself taking alcohol to forget about my problems. Though I have wanted to stop living this lifestyle for the sake of my children, it is hard. I have come to realize that I cannot do it on my own unless I involve God. Thank you so much for praying for me for God to intervene in my situation. This is a one of a kind mission in this city of ours. Thank you so much for being on mission for God.”

John’s grandmother

“My grandmother has been ailing from cancer for the longest time. We do not have enough money to spend for her medication. We have lost all hope and realized that we can only turn to God for healing. Now that you have prayed for her, I know God will intervene and perform a miracle for her healing. Thank you so much and may God bless you for praying for her.”

Photos from Street Cleaning

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