Pastor Training

 Equipping a New Generation of Pastors: The PTC Approach

Africa’s greatest need is not only for more Christians, but particularly for more disciples, and while people come to the Lord across the continent in the thousands each day, the church has often been described as “a mile wide but an inch deep”. This is because the growth of the church has outpaced the capacity to train church leadership. The prosperity gospel is also becoming a major challenge in many churches in the continent. African Enterprise is committed to helping train Godly leadership, equipping church ministers to be faithful to the Gospel, and has been doing this for many years.

The depth of theological training in Africa is not deep. Many Christian leaders cannot afford the time and money for full time theological training or accessing theological modules. There is an absence of, and a need for, high quality, short term and low cost theological training.

PTC is a Bible training initiative. It was developed by Moore College with the purpose of equipping men and women with the knowledge to be preachers and teachers in their own local contexts. In Africa, providing “effective, high quality, short term, low cost theological training” is critical for the building up of the church. Through PTC, African Enterprise can work toward achieving our mission:

To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.

In November 2016, 70 pastors graduated from the PTC course in Nairobi, Kenya. Through your support in prayer and finance, you are equipping many more to teach of the saving power of Jesus. In God’s strength, many will be able to do the same.

Take a look at the impact of PTC in Cape Town, South Africa and be inspired! You can watch more AE videos here.

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