Saturday, 29 Sept – Kampala Time

Today was the last day of mission and we have so much to be grateful for as we reflect on the work that God has accomplished through this past week.

Kampala Mission 2018 dubbed “Jesus Christ our Hope” targeted the Rubaga Division. Rubaga Division is one of 5 divisions that make up Kampala district. It has an estimated population of slightly over 380,000 residents. For easier coordination, together with the local Pastors, the Division was divided into 4 zones; Zone 1 – Kawaala, Zone 2 – Lungujja, Zone 3 – Nateete, and Zone 4 – Kabowa. Each zone had 1 – 3 coordination centres hosted by a local church. To enable us accomplish such a wide task in ten days, AE partnered with 364 local churches and Christian organizations, Medical and Dental Missioners Africa, Equity Bank and Rubaga local government.

Mission activities were spread throughout Rubaga Division and these included: Evangelism to the Kampala locals (through door-to-door ministry, film ministry, mobile rallies, and church ministry), Dental and medical outreaches, Schools and University outreach, Leadership events, Vulnerable Groups outreach, Workplace meetings, Community cleaning and Police Station outreaches. By the end of the day on Friday, 28th September, 60,000 people had been reached with the good news, out of which 8,107 made a commitment to salvation. There were a total of 395 mission volunteers – 330 local and 65 visiting mission volunteers.

This mission has united churches in Rubaga and revealed how much more they can achieve together. The church has been fired up to carry out more evangelism in the community. One zonal coordinator asked that the mission be extended so that they ride on the spiritual momentum attained so far so as to reach many more people.

This mission has also united Kampala with supporters all over the world like you through faithful prayer and support.

Please be on the lookout for a full Kampala 2018 mission report as well as the many stories and testimonies that will be posted in the coming days and weeks.

We look forward to continuing in the Lord’s work with you.

Friday, 28 Sept – Kampala Time

Today in mission the Gospel workers were busy with mobile rallies, medical camps, film ministries and evangelism. There was a special Police Leadership event where the former Inspector General of Police, Honourable General Katumba Wamala offered a word of thanks, hope and encouragement to police officers from the Rubaga Division. Supritendant Nsaba, Division Police Commander at Old Kampala Police Department spoke as well “In a community where there’s God, there’s a low crime rate. Thank you AE for bringing God to the communities and for thinking of men in uniform.” About 85 police officers were reached through this event, two accepted Christ and two re-dedicated their lives to Christ.

Tomorrow is the last day of mission and teams are not slowing down! They will be finishing strong with mobile rallies in towns across Kampala.

  • Praise God for all the lives that have been transformed through this mission
  • Please pray for the mission volunteers as they come to the end of mission and transition back to normal life, that God would seal the work that He has done in their hearts throughout the mission

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Thursday, 27 Sept – Kampala Time

Today the mission team took part in several exciting ministries across Kampala.

Door to Door evangelism in Kawaala saw 486 people reached and 91 people saved. God has prepared people’s hearts as there has been no resistance and people are ready to receive Jesus. The team encountered a witch during the door to door evangelism who threatened the team and mobilized people against them. The team prayed and God’s power was released when a good number of those who had ganged up on them came and surrendered to the Lord, including two Muslims.

Medical Ministry continued at Mengo hospital where 129 patients, caretakers and medical staff were reached, 46 of those accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Tomorrow will be the second to last day of mission, and teams will continue with school ministries, market place ministries, and mobile rallies.

  • Praise God for all of the amazing work He has already accomplished on mission
  • Please pray for the mission as it comes to a close, that the team will finish well and that God would sustain the work that He has begun on this mission

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Wednesday, 26 Sept – Kampala Time

The Nakulabye area of Kampala is estimated to have at least 500 working prostitutes, some are as young as 14 years old. Others are married women who trek in from rural areas to make money for their families.

Today, our team worked with a local church who have an ongoing outreach to these vulnerable group of women. Fifty women were brought in from the streets to hear Marion, a former prostitute, share how she was able to find hope and a new life in Jesus.

Rejected by her stepmother at the age of 17, Marion moved in with a friend and began working at a local bar to put herself through school. She soon found that her income wasn’t enough and was encouraged to begin prostitution by her friend. “After working as a prostitute for a year I married a truck driver,” Marion said. “I thought all my troubles were over. I started having children right away and during my third pregnancy, my husband began to beat me and eventually brought home a second wife! I was heartbroken.” When Marion’s third child was two months old, her husband threw all her belongings in a bag and drove her and their children to the bar where they had met. He threw 30 shillings (about $9) at her and drove away. “I was so scared,” Marion said. “I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I decided that going back into prostitution was my only choice, so I left my children with friends and family and began working again.” Following that decision, she was constantly beaten up or robbed. Eventually, she was found by a family friend who brought her to the rehabilitation center. It wasn’t long before Marion had committed her life to Christ and begun the process of starting over.

“I challenge you to abandon the quick money of prostitution,” Marion said, addressing the women from the streets. “Christ can give you everything you need.”

Following Marion’s talk, all the women stood up to accept Christ into their lives with hope for a better future.

Our team also took part in school mission today at Mutundwe Church of Uganda Primary School. Missioners were able to minister to the entire school – about 600 students and gave them discipleship books “Hope in Christ”. 47 students gave their life to Christ.

Tomorrow teams will disperse and take part in mobile rallies, school ministries, market place ministries and medical camps.

  • Praise God for the work He accomplished today at the Vulnerable Group Outreach!
  • Please pray that the 50 women and 47 students who accepted Christ today would be sustained in their faith.
  • Please pray for the various ministries taking place tomorrow, that God would prepare hearts to receive the Good News.

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Tuesday, 25 Sept – Kampala Time

There were approximately 220 locals who walked into the camp for medical treatment today. The free medical camp which was organized by AE Uganda together with other organizations and banks was meant to reach out to the old and young people in slum that surround the area. Meet some of the beneficiaries from the medical camp:

Birungi Shamim, 24 years old – was among the first patients to walk in the camp early this morning. She has been suffering from severe headaches for the last 4 months and she had to be escorted to the clinic by her neighbor. She didn’t speak English so her neighbor gave an account.
“I heard of the medical camp yesterday when Pastor Katende went around my home telling everyone to come for the free medical camp. Since I was too weak to walk here my neighbor volunteered to bring me here to receive treatment. I was not a believer before today and the way AE Uganda through this medical camp has come to my rescue as I could not even afford money to visit a pharmacist to purchase medicine, I have made a decision to follow the Jesus they are preaching about and will continue telling of the miracle of healing and salvation”. She expects the medicine she now has will restore her health and she is excited to tell others of the Gospel of Jesus.

James Mwaniki, a volunteer missioner from Kenya. “This medical camp has come to save the lives of the residents living in these slums, the camp has come with free medical services for all and the word of God will reach out to them as well’. James shares some highlights, “ I met this elderly woman when she walked into the camp this morning, she could not hear properly but after we prayed with her she was able to hear again. Another lady was having a problem with her eyesight and we prayed for her sight to be restored and she can now see even before she went in to see a doctor.”

Pastor Kadede, one of the mission leaders. “I am a member of the Rubaga Pastors Fellowship and this camp has been of great help to residents living in this area. Mobilizing people for the free medical camp was not hard as they were anxious and ready to receive treatment. It is amazing to see people not only getting treated but also walking out of the medical camp saved too and I am grateful to AE Uganda and Equity Bank for their support in this mission.”

Rachael Mirembe, 24 years old, a volunteer at the medical camp.
“I am a receptionist by profession but am here today serving in the Scan Department, so far we have only received 2 cases which needed scanning, no major cases have been reported yet. As a believer, I am humbled by what AE Uganda is doing like organizing this free medical camp that has changed the lives of so many people in the slum.”

Tomorrow will see more stratified evangelism, school ministry and a vulnerable group outreach in Nakulabye where it is estimated to have 500 or more sex workers. Some of these are aged as low as 14 years, while others are married women who trek from as far as Masaka (125 km) and come to make money. As part of the stratified evangelism methodology, AE will target 50 women through Restoration Church, who have an on-going ministry to this vulnerable group. In addition to speaking to them we will give them a small package as a way of modelling that God can meet their needs without them putting their bodies and health at risk.

  • Please pray for the ministry to vulnerable women tomorrow, that God would prepare their hearts to hear the Gospel
  • Please pray for the Gospel workers as they are more than halfway through mission, that God would strengthen them for the remainder of mission

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Monday, 24 Sept – Kampala Time

City outreach and stratified evangelism began this morning with our team being invited to speak to the police officers in the Old Kampala Police Headquarters. The mission team arrived as the officers were completing their morning march.

Pastor Stephen, who traveled from Kenya to join the mission, spoke to the officers about how Jesus is the High Commander. “When you are given an order, you obey it,” he said. “You do what is commanded and ask questions later. If we can only be loyal to Christ like that! What is God telling you to do today?” he asked. “Surrender your heart to the High Commander today and let Him control your life.”

Pastor Daniel closed the powerful outreach in prayer and made a call for salvation. As a result, 31 police officers gave their lives to Christ including the police commander, Mr. Ameru P.  After the meeting, the mission volunteers were given clearance to go preach inside the police headquarters. While inside, 35 suspects/inmates made confessions of faith! Praise God! In total 110 people were reached with the Gospel and of those, 66 received Christ as their Savior.

Following the outreach, officer Charles B. approached the team to thank them. He is the self-proclaimed Chaplin of the Old Kampala Police and was thrilled that such an impact had been made for Christ among his comrades. “You have done a great work here today,” he said. “We see so many terrible things but I know that if the people of this district knew Christ, they wouldn’t do the things they do. Your work will help stop crime so please keep going and tell everyone the Word of God!”

Pastor Daniel credited the successful outreach to the power of prayer. “There are strategies involved with any evangelistic outreach,” he said, “but the most important strategy is prayer. We’ve been praying for this mission for a long time because we believe that prayer prepares the hearts of the lost to receive the Gospel. Doors open into prisons, schools, hospitals and police stations like this one because of prayer.”

“Our prayer underpins the cooperation we are seeing between churches. It is not such an easy thing to get churches to work together! We can’t take this blessing for granted. It is the power of God,” he continued.

“People aren’t being saved during this mission because of fancy preaching. We’ve recruited members of churches some of whom have never led someone to Christ. Others have been trained in evangelism for a few moments, yet they are turning hearts to Him! It’s all because God has prepared the hearts of the hearers through our prayers.”

“Any success, any resources we have here are all because of the faithful from around the world praying for us. We can’t ever take that for granted,” he concluded.

School ministry will commence tomorrow.

  • Praise God for the wonderful work he did through stratified evangelism today!
  • Please pray that hearts would be prepared for the gospel in the local schools.

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Sunday, 23 Sept – Kampala Time

Today, the AE team dispersed across the city to preach in various churches involved in the mission effort. The local church is a vital part of all AE missions. They are the key to bringing the Gospel to their city and we empower them to effectively reach their community.

Following the morning church services, approximately 300 mission volunteers gathered together for a street parade to mark the beginning of Gospel outreach. The parade stretched 8km and lasted for nearly three hours. It culminated in the Kosovo Slum where a rally was held to pray for the mission.

Along the way, a marching band played Gospel hymns and mission volunteers smiled and cheered to the watching crowds. Paul, AE Uganda Team Leader, was encouraged by the display of unity by the churches. “This march was a great display of unified witness for Jesus,” he said. “Around 55 churches were represented which shows me that our efforts to unify local bodies has not been in vain. Praise God!”

Stratified Evangelism begins tomorrow as small teams disperse throughout the Rubaga district to preach the Gospel.

  • Please pray for the team as they preach the gospel tomorrow, that God will use them in a mighty way.
  • Please pray for the residents of this area, that they will find hope in Jesus and turn away from the drug abuse, witchcraft, and prostitution that are rampant in the community.

Saturday, 22 Sept – Kampala Time

Today, hundreds of mission volunteers arrived at the Buskenyi Slum in western Kampala to clean the streets as an act of love and service to the community. The streets and gutters were piled high with rubbish and filth, but our team faithfully cleaned and witnessed to the community about Christ’s love.

The locals were so taken aback by what they witnessed, they could think of nothing else to do than to join them. It wasn’t long before our volunteers were working hand in hand with locals to clean up the dirtiest parts of their community.

Tomorrow our teams will disperse to local churches to minister on Sunday morning and in the afternoon there will be a large parade in the town centre to gather attention for the mission. Continue to pray with us that God will be glorified during this mission and follow our daily updates on our blog and social media!

  • Please pray for the churches that teams will be attending tomorrow, that God would minister to the teams heart and the local church will be encouraged.
  • Pray for the parade taking place in the town centre, that it would run smoothly and that God would use it to draw people unto Himself.

Friday, 21 Sept – Kampala Time

Welcome to Mission Live!


Thank you for being on mission with us this week -we look forward to bringing you live updates from Kampala Uganda so that you can be part of the incredible life changing ministry that is happening in Africa!

The Team is arriving and preparing for mission today and tomorrow will kick off with a town cleaning in Mutundwe, Nakylabye, Kabale, Nateete Kiggaga and Ndeeba.


  • Please pray for those arriving and preparing for the mission today. Pray for safety as they arrive, smoothness in setting up, and that they would feel rested and prepared for the week ahead.
  • Pray for the Kasubi Secondary School mission which begins today. Pray that God would have his hands over all the program logistics, and that His word would be faithfully taught and received.
  • Pray for provision of the mission: accommodation, food, transportation, sound systems, and finances.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to minister to the Rubaga division, and pray that doors for evangelism would be open to markets, schools, businesses, churches and other public areas.
  • Lastly, please pray for the residents of the Rubaga division, that they will accept Jesus Christ as their hope, in the midst of scarcity and insecurity.


From Sept 21-30 a team of 350 Gospel workers will be sharing the good news of Jesus with over 100,000 Ugandans.

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