The Akuapem Mission concluded last week with approximately 170,000 people being exposed to the Gospel of Christ! Praise God! We are rejoicing and looking forward to hearing more and more stories of lives changed as the local church begins to follow up with new believers.

Of the 170,000 people who were exposed to the message of Christ, more than 6,300 people made confessions of faith. Amen!

Throughout the week, our 200 mission volunteers saturated the city of Akuapem with the Gospel. There was Jesus Film showings, door to door ministry, student outreaches, leadership meetings, mobile rallies and tons of other outreaches throughout the week.

Christians make up 69% of the population in Ghana, however as one volunteer reported, “When we asked people if they were Christians, many people said yes. But when we began to speaking to them about Christ, it became clear that they knew nothing about Jesus and wanted us to tell them more about becoming a Christian. Many people accepted Christ who claimed to be Christians. There is much misunderstanding about what being a true follower of Christ means.”

One mission volunteer named Beatrice met Mavis during her team’s time of one on one ministry. After she heard the Gospel message, Mavis confessed that after losing both her parents in a car accident four months ago, she had gone to live with her grandmother who began to pressure her into prostitution. She’d run away from her grandmother’s home and as a result had to drop out of school. Beatrice pledged to help Mavis re-enter school with what little she has. Please pray for these two and pray that Mavis will be encouraged in her new faith.

The team reached out to all different people during the mission. Our leadership events brought the Gospel to the top professional and traditional leaders in the city and encouraged them to lead in integrity and to be an example to the people that look toward them for help.

Several local Kings and Queens accepted Christ. Traditional Kings and Queens are still very important in Ghana. Before national government was established, these were the leaders of the nation. They still hold very important places within the community and have much influence over their communities. 

Even the Great Queen Mother of the Amanokrom district rededicated her life to Christ after a mission team visited her at home. We’re excited to see how God uses her within her community. Praise God!

The volunteers were also blessed during mission week! One volunteer, Felix told us, “I have gained so much experience in ministry during my time here. Now I feel more confident in telling others about Christ and I want to volunteer with African Enterprise for the rest of my life!”

The Ghana Team has committed to walk with the Akuapem Churches as they follow up with new believers for the next five years. They will consistently train churches in discipleship and encourage further outreach so that all those who came to Christ are given every opportunity to fully embrace the very important decision that they’ve made.

Thank you for labouring with us in this strategic city. We are so blessed by your support and by how passionate you are in reaching the lost in Africa for Christ. Please continue to pray for the new believers in Akuapem and for AE Ghana that God would bless the fruit of His field and the hands of his labourers. 





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