The AE Malawi Lilongwe South Mission for Jesus concluded this week with many new souls added to the Kingdom. Last year, the team reached the Lilongwe North neighbourhoods and the local churches were so energised by the events that our team saw the opportunity to partner with the Southern districts as well.

The mission suffered from lack of adequate funding which meant that they had less help and fewer resources to reach the district fully. Thankfully the generosity of local people helped get the team through and many lives were changed. For example, one company donated the use of their stage and audio equipment for the opening and closing rallies where many made confessions of faith.

The mission’s opening rally began with the Salvation Army Brass Band leading the mission team on a parade through the streets, gathering up people as they went. When they arrived at the rally site, they had approximately 2500 people in tow! They all listened intently when former AE CEO, Stephen Lungu preached the Gospel and at the end, over 250 people made confessions of faith in Christ!

Next, the team set its sights on the community leadership by holding a leadership luncheon. 171 leaders attended from all levels of local leadership. Rhino Chiphiko, a Member of Parliament attended as well as some from the Shadow Cabinet and other local and civic leaders. The mission team spoke to those in attendance about the importance of leading in humility and following the example that Christ set for us in His leadership. Many were touched by the event including one Military Chief who told the team that she decided to leave behind her belief in traditional ancestor worship because of what she heard during the luncheon! Praise God!

Throughout the week, the mission teach reached seven different schools, held open air evangelism rallies, Jesus Film showings and door to door evangelism. By the end of the week, the team had reached 14,783 people with the Gospel and of those 2202 had made confessions of faith in Christ! We’re thanking God for each one of them!

Evangelism in a Brothel

Maggie (26) is a prostitute and was at work in a brothel when she encountered the AE mission volunteers. One of them spoke to her about Christ’s love for her and about His desire to give her a new life with Him. Maggies heart was melted by those words. “I felt like my heart could beat again for the first time in a long time,” she said. “I realised in that moment that I’ve done wrong things in the sight of God and I felt so low and ashamed. I pleaded with the lady to tell me what to do and she helped me confess my sin to Christ and led me into salvation. This day is unlike any day I’ve ever had! I feel like everything has changed for me today.”
In order to protect Maggie from further engagement in prostitution, the team took her from the brothel and placed her in AE’s home for vulnerable women in which they are trained in tailoring. She’ll begin the training program soon. Praise God!

While at the brothel, some of the other volunteers spoke to a DJ named Anthony who was playing music in the brothel. They began to speak to the young man about why he had chosen to work at a brothel. He explained that after his parent’s divorce he had to leave school because his mother could no longer afford the fees. He began taking work wherever he could get it, even if it was in a brothel.

As the team explained the Gospel to Anthony he excitedly accepted Christ and told the team, “I want to be a Christian and know the love of God in my life. I don’t want to do this job, I want to do something that honours God.” Later that day, one of the pastors involved in the mission heard about Anthony’s desire to find different work and promised to give him a job. Upon hearing the news, Anthony left the brothel and joined in with the mission team to help.

The news of a converted prostitute and DJ from the local brothel shook up the township to its very core! One volunteer heard as he was disembarking from the bus how the town had been turned upside down by such radical conversions!


During the week, many people were touched by the love of God and local churches have already started following up with those who made confessions of faith. One pastor reported that 20 new converts showed up in his church on the Sunday following the mission.

Please pray for the churches as they work diligently to bring in those who made decisions for Christ and pray for those who are beginning their new life of faith! We’re so thankful for our AE Malawi team and their diligence in the face of many struggles. Their passion and dedication to see the Gospel reach the lost in Malawi is evident. Pray for our AE Malawi Team that God will bless them and provide for them in every way.





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