The Lilongwe South Mission has reached into some of the most needy and desperate places in Lilongwe!

The mission concluded last week and it has been an amazing time of seeing God’s faithfulness.

Last year, our Malawi team reached out to Lilongwe City North with great success. Many people heard and were changed by the Gospel. This year, the team partnered with the churches in the southern part of the city to see God’s message change hearts there too.

Lilongwe City South has experienced a spike in gang crime and prostitution in recent years and the local leaders felt convinced that now was the perfect time to reach out with a message of hope.

The mission began last Sunday with an opening rally which approximately 2500 people attended and many made confessions of faith in Christ. Stephen Lungu spoke to the crowd about the importance of having a relationship with Christ.

The team ministered throughout the week with school outreaches and mobile rallies. Many people have responded to the Gospel and have been connected with local churches.

One volunteer team met a young prostitute who accepted Christ as her Saviour. She was residing in a brothel so the team took her to the safety of a women’s centre and she will be eligible to begin AE Malawi’s vulnerable women’s training course in January! Praise God!

The team also took time to meet with local leaders. With general elections coming in the spring of next year, possible outbreaks of violence are at the forefront of many people’s concerns. The team charged the leaders to be servants of their communities and to operate with integrity in all their dealings. Most of all, they encouraged the leaders to look to Christ for His leadership as they attempt to lead others.

The Senior Group Village Headman, Mtsinje spoke to those in attendance saying, “With what we have learned on how to serve the communities by disregarding the differences in races and culture, it shall be easy for us leaders to serve these multi-cultural communities. I would, therefore, like to urge my fellow leaders to emphasise to their respective community members the importance of loving each other despite racial differences. I express my gratitude to African Enterprise for bringing different leaders from all city sections to tell us more about God’s love towards His people. We thank this organisation very much for this Biblical teaching which is transformational. This is indeed a special gift to this area.”

As the mission continues throughout the weekend, please pray for the team and the many who have come into a new life with Christ this week! We’re excited to continue to share with you all the amazing things Christ has done in Malawi because of your support and prayers.





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