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We are thrilled to announce today that you can now download our new AE app on your phone! We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure our app is user friendly and brings you all the info you need with the touch of a button (or two).

Reasons to download the AE app:
  • Pray: We have added the prayer points from our quarterly prayer diary to the app. This means you can simply click on the “pray” button and it will give you the prayer point for today.
  • Read: You can read the Bible right here on the app. You will also find our newsletters and Harambee articles with the touch of a button.
  • Watch: All of our latest videos, mission preparation and interviews with the African team, right at your fingertips.
  • Give: No more looking for our phone number or trying to find a donation slip to give through the mail. You simply click on the “Give” button to donate through the app OR follow a few easy steps to set up text-to-give, which means you can donate by sending a text (simply text 0480 093 514 to setup your personal Tithe.ly account today)!

Our previous app will become unavailable soon, so make sure to download our new app by clicking on the following link: DOWNLOAD THE AE APP

The Changing Power of Christ!

Zomba Mission Testimony

One of the new converts, a health worker from Zomba Central Hospital explained how impactful the program was to her, she marked the event as a turning point for her life. After graduating from college, she got a good job that compensated her well. She expressed that she was getting a salary that she was “not able to handle”. On top of the well-paying job, she had a fiancé and they had plans on settling down in the near future. She lived an economically and socially satisfying life, but had no major concern about the things of God. It was not until a few months ago that her life’s trajectory took a bad turn; she suddenly lost her well-paying job and broke up with her fiancé without an apparent tangible reason. She invested huge amounts of money with her friends, but they took all her money and left her with nothing more than a disturbed life. Her mental state worsened to the extent of needing medical help and counseling.

She was convinced that her attendance at the Zomba Leadership Mission dinner was not a coincidence, explaining that recent events in her life pointed her towards Christ: she met an old-time friend some three weeks ago whom she knew as a wayward person, but to her surprise, this friend seemed to have changed and she found out that he had received Christ and that is what prompted the change in his life. From that time, she had seriously been contemplating about the changing power of Christ. “I lost a lot of money, I lost friends, I lost everything. I hoped to not commit suicide because the thought often comes when one is in a bad mental state. I have longed to be for Christ and I have wanted my life to really change. I was really touched by the guest of honor’s testimony, I looked at her and I saw that it is never too late. If God indeed forgives, that same God has forgiven me”. She added.

With Christ, she believes that her joy and peace will remain full. In spite of the challenges that she currently has, she is glad that she has made the decision to follow Christ and she will rest the hope of her future in Him.

An update from Nii Amoo (Chairman of AE Ghana’s Board)

I am presently the Chairman of AE Ghana board and live in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. I have been in ministry for the past 41 years in various capacities. I have served as an evangelical leader in Ghana were I had led teams to Dr. Billy Graham’s gathering of evangelist in Amsterdam and also to Luasanne in Malina in the Philippines. I was part of the initial planning team to the last meeting at Cape Town, South Africa.



I have served with the late Robert Williams in the Missions team of BGEA, and together with my colleague in Ghana, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, travelled to Los Angeles in the USA to translate Dr. Billy Graham’s sermons into our local dialects for the purposes of evangelism in Ghana.


I have served in the Ghana Baptist Convention as Pastor for 34 years and as a Vice-President for 7 years. I was the founding team leader of African Enterprise Ghana, responsible for the sub-region of West Africa and at one point the Pan African Missions Director and also as Deputy International Team Leader responsible for North and West Africa. I currently serve as the Ghana AE board chairman and a member of the International Board of AE.


I am on retirement from my Pastoral ministry but serve as the local AE Ghana team evangelist.


At the moment, my wife of 43 years is sick to the point of death. She has been bedridden for about 6 months and has developed bad bedsores as a diabetic. It has been emotionally, psychologically and financially difficult for me personally and our children as well.


I am, under God, doing pretty well; notwithstanding occasional heartbreaking episodes.


Thank you for caring for me and wanting to pray for me and my family. Please pray that God’s sovereign ultimate will will be done over the life of my wife. She is currently going through so much pain that breaks my heart.


Sincerely Yours,
Nii Amoo Darku ( Rev. Dr.)


Nii Amoo’s story:

The work of African Enterprise is characterized by personal transformation, and one of the leading success stories of people coming to Christ is the current chairman of African Enterprise Ghana Nii Amoo Adarku. It was a long pathway that led Nii Amoo to become personal chaplain to the late Ghanaian president Prof John Atta Mills, and a member of the elite ‘Council of State’ advising the President and senior government leaders, largely through the evangelistic outreach of AE.

Born to Muslim parents, Nii initially came to Christ through the work of a Christian union at school. But his pride and faith was savagely crushed when some new Christian leaders demoted him from class captain, and he vowed to punish the Christian faith through partnering with overtly anti-Christian Islamic organisations.

However his life took a turn toward restoration of faith when he married Margaret, a nominal Christian who married him on the proviso that she would be able to continue attending church. Whilst this was a start of his journey back to Christ, it wasn’t until their marriage reached a crisis point during the pregnancy of their first child which exposed to Christian TV screened at the hospital. The evangelistic message truly transfixed him, he said. “I was so drawn to the message that I had to go and get a TV for my own home and watch these programs myself”, he said. “Eventually the true message of Jesus burst through into my life, and hand in hand with Margaret in our lounge we both came to faith in Christ.”

It was at that point that Nii Amoo decided to dedicate his life to Christianity through various roles in Christian media, church leadership and postgraduate study in theology. His evangelistic work was eventually noticed by the AE leadership, and he was approached and commissioned to establish AE’s office in Accra Ghana in 1994.

Quickly taking on a number of international leadership roles within the organization, including International Missions Director for West Africa, he worked closely with the founder Michael Cassidy to introduce many of the innovations that characterise AE’s unique ministry today. The 1997 pan- African mission was a high point he said. “It was at this point that we introduced some of the social action initiatives such as medical outreach during mission, established the parliamentary Christian fellowship group in Ghana, North African mission to Sudan, Egypt and Tunisa and the street route marches.”

He served as Team Leader of Ghana for 15 years until 2009, and in 2010 took over as Chairman. Nii Amoo believes that his experience has been very helpful to advise current team leader Rev Ben Sachie. “In time I am due to step down in accordance with best practice of board chair tenure now in place at AE. I would really like to encourage our supporters to continue to pray for us as we continue on this important work that has serious eternal consequences for our nations. Africa is producing the most Christians in the world today, and is best equipped to send missionaries to North Africa in particular.”

Praying for new believers

At AE the gospel is at the core of what we do. Our missions are holistic and aim to engage entire cities with the good news of Jesus Christ. We have a passion to meet the urgent need of theological education for church leaders in Africa and is committed to helping train godly leadership, equipping church ministers to be faithful to the Gospel, and to grow the church. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa the local pastors are not trained at all which often leads to pastors unknowingly spreading a false Gospel.

Pastor Training Courses (PTC) are an important way that African Enterprise works in partnership with the local church in Africa. These courses are offered to those already in Christian leadership positions in their local church or other ministries. AE wants to equip them with solid skills in understanding and teaching God’s word so that they may be even more effective in what they do. Training the local church leaders is a big need and through AE we provide the necessary training programs.

All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Tim 3:16-17

Let us pray for the Pastor’s Training Course,

  • That AE, through the PTC bring the richness of the Gospel to life in the local churches
  • That the PTC keep bringing the African church to maturity in Christ by the delivery of training to the church leaders that result in a better understanding and handling of God’s word.
  • For financial support to make these courses self-sustaining
  • For the lecturers to have an increased mission awareness in their home churches
  • That the true Gospel of repentance and forgiveness in Jesus’ name would be preached in all of Africa, and that false ‘gospels’ would be revealed.

Let us pray for the discipleship and follow up of new believers

  • That the church will effectively support the new believers on their journey
  • That enough resources will be available in order to assist the new believers to stay active
  • To give understanding of God’s Word but also embed trust
  • That lives can be transformed to accomplish His purpose
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth and spiritual formation that strengthen the new believers in their Christian walk
  • That the African church will be empowered to help all the new believers study the bible and apply its truths in their daily lives.

Let us pray for the unity of churches in approaching new believers

  • That the true Gospel will be shared and a fire will be ignited
  • For the effective follow up of new believers
  • Please grant our leadership a plan for growth and development
  • For more churches to enroll in our school of evangelism and partner with us on mission

Proclaim Congress 2021

Proclaim African Evangelists Congress 2020 changed the African outlook of evangelism. The 3-day Congress brought together 3,318 participants from 49 African countries and 10 diaspora countries. And this gave birth to an idea that will transform evangelism in Africa.

By targeting specific groups under the theme: Let Africa hear and proclaim the gospel, the congress seeks to impart knowledge, educate evangelists and build a strong foundation upon which evangelism will thrive in Africa with a view of reaching all Africans with the gospel.

Beginning with the Proclaim Young Evangelists Congress that will run from 10th to 12th September 2021 at 4pm GMT. Targeting at least 2,000 evangelists between the ages of 15-35 from all over Africa. By bringing together the future generation of evangelists together to learn at the feet of those curving the path ahead of them, this ensures that a proper appreciation of evangelism is instilled to go with the passion and fire that burns within each and every attendee of the Congress. The panelists have been specifically targeted for their influence in their areas of dominion.

This will be followed by the Regional Proclaim Evangelists Congress taking place in November 2021. Developed with the knowledge that evangelism styles across Africa are different, this will give the various regions of Africa i.e. North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa an opportunity to meet within their various regions and learn from each other as well as connect and network.

Proclaim Continental Congress 2021 shall be culmination of the country, regions and young evangelists’ congress within the year. The congress shall run as from 7th- 9th December 2021 for the virtual congress while the in person shall run from 6th- 11th December 2021 in Nairobi. Emerging evangelism topical issues from regional and country congress shall be handled. Seasoned and experienced evangelists shall handle such as this issues giving relevant case studies and success stories to learn from. Regions shall also present their Regional and Country Evangelism Plans to the wider Africa creating a platform to learn from each other. Proclaim 2021 shall also seek to study what other continents are doing to reach their own.