Break new ground for Christ

Break new ground for Christ – and push back the threat of radical Islam


Your help is needed today to help win the spiritual battle raging in these three African cities:

  • In Kigali, Muslim groups are vying for the hearts of young people who are vulnerable to being radicalised because of unemployment, crime, prostitution and drug abuse.
  • In Meru, the Islamic influence from North Kenya is intensifying. Youth are promised education and employment if they convert to Islam.
  • In Lomé, many Togolese Christians need to reconnect with the Gospel and become mature believers, passionate about evangelising their city.

Thousands of people across these regions need Jesus. And you can help reach them through three upcoming Missions that will break new ground to advance the Gospel more effectively.

Your gift today is vital to help reach a $49,000 goal to ensure the preparations for these Missions are fully funded … so that together we can lead more Africans to choose Christ.

Your support will help reach people like Ann, a quarry worker who abandoned God. Years later, she heard AE evangelists proclaim His name – and realised the void in her heart could only be filled by Christ. She says:

“This is what the Gospel does, it transforms lives. I am a testimony of that transformation!”

Please give generously today to help win this spiritual battle through these critical missions to share the hope of Christ with thousands more like Ann.

Together we can!

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Together we can

Over 50 years of ministry, we’ve reached millions of people and we’ve only just begun.

Thank you for your spirit of generosity in serving God to see hearts changed all over Africa.

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