Help fully fund the Kampala Mission in Uganda

Your gift today will cover the remaining cost needed to train, equip and release our teams and volunteers to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to an estimated 300,000 Ugandans during the September mission! Through your support …

  • You’ll share the Gospel with thousands of people at large rallies across the city;
  • You’ll reach 300 of the most influential leaders in Kampala at leadership events for judiciary, legislature, political, armed forces and business leaders;
  • You’ll take the Gospel door-to-door in slums and share it with street children, homeless people, refugees and prisoners;
  • You’ll provide 6 weeks of follow-up discipleship care for all new believers through local churches.

Thank you for giving generously below to help reach the full target!

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Over 50 years of ministry, we’ve reached millions of people and we’ve only just begun.

Thank you for your spirit of generosity in serving God to see hearts changed all over Africa.

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