Partner Through Giving

African Enterprise is a faith-based ministry that relies upon the support of people around the world. The income provided through your support pays for the salaries and the ministry work of our teams in Africa. We have no specific source of income other than the goodwill and faithful giving of people like you. As the organisation commenced over 50 years ago it is vital that new generations of supporters like you are motivated and willing to sign up to support this God-ordained ministry.

Ways that you can spread the Gospel in Africa:
  • Make a one-time donation to a specific country or to AE International.
  • Commit to giving a fixed amount every month to provide a regular and reliable source of income to help the teams in Africa plan and implement their work.
  • Become a significant history maker for God beyond your lifetime and leave a bequest in your will to African Enterprise.

“As good corporate citizens, we need to look to help the poor. AE is a perfect example of helping the poor, orphans, needy unprivileged” – Telecom Corporation of Australia.

Your online gift will go toward mission and is not tax deductible.

For tax deductible donations to a specific aid and development program, please contact us via [email protected] or phone 02 9889 1799 during working hours.

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