A legacy of hope: wills & bequests

An investment in eternity

“To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.”

When you include African Enterprise in your will, you are investing in future African Christians, for generations to come.  Every bequest, big or small, is a reminder of the care of Christians for their brothers and sisters all over the world, and a desire to see the whole world come to know Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour. You help AE fulfill our Mission – what joy you will bring!

Why has AE Australia Chairman, Jeff Collett, decided to include AE in his will?

“I’m passionate about evangelism and discipleship, and I know our stratified evangelism work helps achieve this. There’s an urgency to share the Gospel in Africa. If I’m not contributing, there are people not hearing of God’s love and not being saved. I know the value of the work that African Enterprise does – it’s a great investment in the kingdom. God has provided me a place in His kingdom and everything I have is His. It’s about me using what He’s given me to do His work.”

What impact do you expect your bequest to have?

“I have absolute confidence that AE will use my bequest wisely to proclaim the Gospel to those who have not heard, and to disciple those who accept Christ as their personal Saviour.”

Why would you encourage others to include AE in their will?

“The work of evangelism in Africa is critically important in the next couple of decades. There’s been such a huge response by the African people to the Gospel, and African revival is desperately in need of support. While we can give on a monthly/annual basis now, we have to lock in that last opportunity to contribute to this vital ministry.”

You can choose to direct your bequest toward a specific area like those listed below, or give a general bequest towards the most pressing needs of AE.

  • Evangelism
  • Pastor training
  • Foxfires
  • Peace and reconciliation
  • Community development
  • Student education

Please read the booklet below for more details.

How do I bequest with AE?

Your Will is important to help you leave a legacy of love for the people and causes you care about most. So we encourage you to pray about it and discuss it with your family as well as with your legal advisor.

  • If you don’t yet have a Will, please see your legal advisor.
  • If you currently have a Will and would like to include a gift (bequest) to African Enterprise, please see the suggested format on the following page for a Codicil (a supplementary legal document), which should be attached to your existing Will.
  • If you’ve decided to include a gift to African Enterprise in your Will, please let us know so we can thank you personally!

I GIVE AND BEQUEATH to the Directors of African Enterprise Limited who govern the affairs in Australia of the said African Enterprise Limited Suite 2G/5 Byfield Street, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113, Australia:

The sum of $____ or ____ per cent of the residue of my estate, free of all duties, to be used and applied as the said Directors shall in their discretion determine for or towards the general work and purpose of the said African Enterprise Limited.

AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Executive Director or other proper officer for the time being of the said African Enterprise Limited shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for such legacy.


Witness (1):

Witness (2):

Date:  /  /     Place (address): _________________________________


Our Founder, Michael Cassidy, put together a personal thank you to express his gratefulness to you, and to encourage more Christians to do the same.

If you have any queries regarding leaving a gift of hope for future generations in Africa, please contact our office at [email protected], or phone (02) 9889 1799. You can also request a physical copy of the booklet using the same contact details.