“The course on Christian leadership has been very helpful to me, because through it we are learning just how much leadership is of and from God. It is impossible to lead His people effectively without having a relationship with Him. The task of leadership is not an easy one because it is a call to suffering, taking our cross daily and following Christ which entails that our call is a call to sacrificial living and giving, denying ourselves and our desires to follow Christ and submit to His will. Leadership is not about us taking the spotlight but about being humble and doing everything to the glory of God’s name. As leaders we need to watch our lives, always striving and praying for godly character in order that when we have it all or when we have nothing left we may remain faithful servants with integrity of heart. Missiology has been an amazing course for me, especially because missions is something that is overlooked, not only in our cultures but churches too. It is however encouraging to know about people who have gone before us who dedicated their lives to serving God even outside their comfort zones. For many, missiology is a call to suffering, and many of us are not ready or even willing to suffer for the gospel. But how will people know if we don’t preach God’s word? It has been good to be reminded, rebuked and encouraged to know that it is the mission of God, he can save people without us therefore we should consider it a privilege to be of his mission as a church sent forth to proclaim His transforming word. Learning the Biblical languages continues to be the highlight of my studies at the college, it’s an amazing and rare privilege.

I travelled home during the June-July 2019 holiday and I had a chance to attend the ZAFES annual national conference, where I had the opportunity to lead seminars on the topics, ‘leading with integrity’ and ‘lifestyle evangelism’. It was amazing to be back home and be a part of what God is doing in the student movement and it was significant because ZAFES (Zambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students)was celebrating 40 years of its existence in Zambia under the theme, “40 years of God’s faithfulness”. It was amazing to see how God continues to grow the Christian fellowships (ZAFES CFs) and raise responsible leaders and gospel workers through the movement. Currently, I am serving at college with the music team to the glory and honour of God’s name.”

Cecilia Mumbi, Zambia

*Seen in a mustard yellow shirt is Cecilia facilitating a seminar on ‘leading with integrity’ at the July 2019 ZAFES annual national conference in Lusaka, Zambia. ZAFES celebrated 40 years of ministry existence in Zambia under the theme: ‘40 years God’s faithfulness’.