Discover how YOU can help reach Africans under lockdown.

At the beginning of this year, before COVID-19 arrived in our lives, your African Enterprise family set a goal to see 100,000 people commit to following Jesus in 2020.

When COVID-19 shut down churches and prevented large gatherings, that goal seemed impossible for a time … but thank God for how, together, we can share Jesus’ love through the internet!

AE has been encouraging and equipping believers across Africa to make use of their own social networks to share the Gospel. So far, over 2,500 people have been trained to use their personal testimonies to engage with their friends over social media. At this stage we have reached 334,710 people through Home Based Evangelism activities, a further 600,000 through mass media listeners, and have seen 20,928 people turning to Jesus to date.

One keen evangelist has been so passionate about this online opportunity that she has shared her testimony and the Gospel with over 300 people!

Among those people she reached was a young woman named Margaret who was going through a very low point in her life. We’ve all recently been through some tough times but, after losing her only income,

Margaret was on the verge of committing suicide.

But after reading Nancy’s testimony online, and hearing about the peace that God offers, Margaret instead decided to follow Jesus!

“Even in this dark hour, God is still at work,” says Stephen Mbogo, AE International CEO. “These online encounters are bringing people to have encounters with Jesus.”

With more people like Margaret needing hope during this pandemic, your support is essential to help close a $150,000 funding shortfall and ensure that this impactful home-based ministry continues.

Please give generously today to help see 100,000 people commit to follow Jesus this year.

Let’s not give up on this God-breathed goal. Let’s continue to push forward together to change more lives with Jesus’ love in the last few months of this year and beyond!

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