MISSION IMPACT: Dessie, Ethiopia

Dessie Mission, 21 – 24 December, 2017.


6,720 people heard the Gospel proclaimed, and 650 people committed their lives to Christ!

Read more about the mission including testimonies in the Dessie Mission Report.

An introduction to Dessie.

Dessie is located in the northeast part of the country. With an evangelical population of about 6,300 or 1.7% of the total city population (Dessie and Kombolcha combined), the northeast is one of the most unreached areas in the country. Dessie is the capital of South Wello Zone, with a population of over 3.1 million and it is a commercial, industrial and educational centre for northeast Ethiopia. The city has been selected because of its population size, its significance as a political, economic, cultural and educational centre in the country. The Trans Djiboutiā€“Ethiopia-Sudan railway under construction passes through this city, with a huge potential for future growth.

AE has been training young leaders through the Student Discipleship Programme (SDP) in universities in Ethiopia in preparation for this Mission. The students have been strengthening and deepening their faith in the Lord, and are ready to reach out to their communities, and a new generation of believers. Read more about SDP here.

The church leaders in Ethiopia are renewing their strength and are warming up for the city wide mission with the expectation that the Lord will bring in a large harvest of new Christians. InĀ preparation for the mission, 30 church leaders from 17 local churches met in Kombolcha earlier in 2017, to consult and develop strategies for training and evangelising to Dessie. These targets were outlined:

  1. Mobilising the whole church for a one-to-one evangelism/witnessing
  2. Engage the members in an enhanced prayer
  3. Work towards the 10% church growth target set by the mission

The principal components of Dessie 2017 were citywide proclamation, youth mission, children mission, women meetings, couples meetings and leadership mission.