Ministry Update: May – July 2020

We look back at May, June and July with awe and wonder as God has enabled African Enterprise to do so much in our communities.

Your support, prayers and gifts have changed the lives of many. Thank you for being a part of African Enterprise.


  • Trained 2,590 church leaders, pastors, associates and mission volunteers on HBE all across Africa.
  • All of our teams have been able to donate food and facemasks to vulnerable people in their communities.
  • Our sewing projects in Kenya (Mathare Women Empowerment Project) and South Africa (Ngezandla Zethu Sewing Project) has made hundreds of reusable cloth facemasks for distribution.
  • Our PTC program has seen massive growth all over Africa during the pandemic with students enrolling and completing courses online and in small groups.
  • Malawi’s Health Programs Offices, Mrs Tamandani Nazimera has facilitated training sessions with Foxfire Teams on “Youth Response to COVID-19”, equipping them with the correct knowledge about the pandemic and how they can raise awareness in their communities.
  • AEDRC partnered with television and radio stations for public awareness and sensitisation campaigns as there was confusing messages on social media about the pandemic causing panic and reckless behaviour in the community. They also started a kids a Bible Study at home, using the opportunity to share the gospel with children while schools were closed.
  • AE Ghana was able to donate hospital beds, hand washing stations, sanitizer and soap to the Mother and Child Hospital.

Another highlight is the following story from AE Kenya, a heartwarming story of how we can inspire and uplift others through the gospel:


AE Kenya challenged its members and associates to share the gospel with at least five people each during the month of May. Unable to gather people for outreach in schools, hospitals, offices etc. as usual, they were encouraged to share the gospel with those within their reach. Nancy Kuria took her gospel campaign online. “I have been hosting online sermons, sending short messages on WhatsApp among my contacts, especially those that I know are not born again. I have been sharing my testimony whenever I get an opportunity. This far I have spoken the word of God to 306 people, out of which 11 have made commitments to salvation.”

Margaret Wambui, who is 24, watched Nancy’s testimony on Facebook. She got in touch and the two ladies started a conversation online and via phone calls. According to Margaret, she was desperate and had come to her end. She had been frustrated in life to a point of being suicidal. She had lost her job and even meeting her basic needs was impossible. After listening to Nancy’s testimony, she thought of turning to God. Nancy says: “I shared the Gospel and she made a commitment for salvation during one of our phone calls. The following day we met and from that time, we have created a relationship that is exceptional. It is wonderful to see the great transformation Christ has brought to this sister. She is now happy in the Lord. Today, as I see her smiling, I often have the sobering thought that, if the Gospel had not came her way, she would possibly not be alive!”

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that many will hear the gospel through different channels and that as many will turn to the Lord during this challenging season.
  • Pray for the ongoing mobilisation and training on Home Based Evangelism (HBE), and that those trained will remain motivated and committed to implementing the strategy.
  • Pray for the AE staff members and volunteers in Africa’s frontlines carrying out Covid-19 community response across all teams.
  • Pray for all AE friends and supporters during these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, for providence, protection and healing.










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