Pastor Training Course

Pastor Training Course

Equipping a new generation of pastors

The openness to the Gospel and the growth of the numbers of Christians in Africa is phenomenal.  However as a result of the need for teachers and pastors, many leaders of churches are poorly trained and some are illiterate.  As a result, there is a significant danger that people with a thirst for the truth of Jesus will be led astray by the merging of other belief systems (syncretism), or the misguidance of congregations into believing that church is some form of get-rich scheme (prosperity doctrine). 

African Enterprise is committed to helping train godly leadership, equipping church ministers to be faithful to the Gospel, and to grow the church.

There are two tiers to African Enterprise’s Pastor Training Courses, one of which is our own material developed over 60 years to equip pastors for mission, and the second two are developed in partnership with George Whitefield College in South Africa and Moore College in Australia which can offer formal pathways into theological college. 

Through these training programs, which are fundamental to mission, AE will help to ensure that churches and volunteers joining us on mission will accurately share the Good News of Jesus, and that pastors are also well equipped to well train the thousands of new believers coming to faith after mission.   We thank you so much for how you make mission possible and train leaders and volunteers to accurate teach, disciple and convey the truth.

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George Whitefield College (GWC) is an accredited theological college based in Cape Town, South Africa, with a mission to shape minds via a classical theological education, nurture hearts devoted to service and train voices to effectively communicate the word of Christ.

Their vision is “That Africa be filled with preachers and teachers who deeply love the Lord Jesus and who have a profound understanding of Scripture, in order that Africa may increase its share in the Kingdom of God.”

The church in Africa is growing and they need trained teachers of God’s Word. Teachers who are capable of understanding, preaching and teaching the Gospel. George Whitefield College exists to provide high quality tertiary level education and training for Christian life and ministry.

To this end, the GWC program aims to deepen student understanding of the message of the Bible as a whole, to develop their capacity to relate to the many complex situations of modern life, and to minister the biblical message to a needy world. This is accomplished by educating people in the principles of Christian knowledge and related fields and by training people for Christian life and ministry with an emphasis on teaching the Word of God.

GWC offers engaging programs in theology, the core subjects being doctrine, biblical languages, church history and biblical theology. One of the distinctive features of GWC is that students live in a diverse community of 15 African nationalities.

Projects at GWC that AE Australia contributes to:

  • Bursaries for disadvantaged students (Ministry, non tax-deductible) – This project is aimed at providing educational opportunities for African students from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout Africa. Specifically, bursaries will be provided to suitable students who would otherwise be unable to pursue their studies.
  • Capacity development fund (A&D, tax-deductible) – This project is aimed at developing property to provide single student accommodation plus accommodation for married students and new dining room facilities.
  • Disadvantaged student fund (A&D, tax-deductible) – This project is aimed at providing bursaries for African students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Specifically, bursaries cover costs related to non-theological aspects of the program namely accommodation, travel, food and subsistence and non-theological courses.

GWC Impact Stories

Africa Impact

Africa Impact

“The course on Christian leadership has been very helpful to me, because through it we are...

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