My name is John N Nganga and an agriculturalist by profession. I got saved just before graduating and joined the civil service as an agricultural officer back in 1986. I have loved influencing people I interact with agricultural skills and the gospel truth that has kept me going never regretting the decision I made. I have always loved studying the bible digging into the enormous richness which has seen me subscribing to several links overtime.

My link with AE PTC came like a fruit falling into the hands of a hungry loner in search of a new experience at a time when normal fellowships and interaction had been interrupted with no idea when they would resume. A Whatsapp post in our church platform was like an answer to my prayers desiring to keep ‘my status followers’ with constant gospel truth with capability of transforming thoughts and actions in the lives of the current and future followers. I had realized that a number of my phone contacts were getting nourishment through my posts. It became my prayer item for constant insight and inspirations. My AE PTC online study has provided more than what I expected. To me I have found a deeper understanding of the greatness of the plans God has for me and all mankind. I am drawing from this experience to respond to issues and questions from my network friends. I am more sensitive to all my posts and forwards lest I be just reinforcing my own thoughts rather than God’s plans. I cannot have enough of this study and do find myself deep into the night or even up very early to continue with my studies. It has enriched my normal quiet times. While attempting the quizzes and exams I take them as the opportunity to expand my capacity to absorb the truth already exposed.

How can I express my gratitude if not by pursuing it as long as God enables and trusting God to use the same to make many more within my reach to love this God more than before? God bless the organizers and sponsors of the course from Australia for this great opportunity. It is not in vain. It is a testimony that not everything is lockable the Son of man indeed has broken every barrier that’s keeps people away from the joy in Christ. Corona has not locked the gospel truth another truth revealed.











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