We have been seeing some fantastic outcomes from AE’s Ngezandla Zethu project in South Africa. 35 women and 3 men have enrolled in the 2021 Sewing and Fashion Design Program. So far we have celebrated 13 graduates, 4 of whom are now successfully running their own businesses. One of our male students has even opened his own training school called “Kairos School of Fashion”.

The 2021 class has also been making face masks from material off-cuts. They have been able to supply over 100 masks to school children and members of their local community. The program has now become so popular, that the project administrator has had to split the students into smaller groups to accommodate the increased demand.

The students have completed courses in sewing tailored skirts and blouses, and will soon move on to designing and sewing coats and pants. They are a committed learners, determined to keep equipping and empowering themselves and their communities. We are so grateful for your support!