Our new initiative is well under way in South Sudan after launching at the end of 2021. The “Improved Literacy through Trauma Healing & Peace Education” program has been specifically designed to help children overcome trauma so they can go on to lead healthy, productive lives.

The civil war may be over in South Sudan, but the effects remain. As many as 19,000 children were kidnapped or recruited to join the armed forces, and many women and children were also brutalised. UNICEF believes that three quarters of South Sudanese children have never known anything but war.

When a community is traumatised, the children suffer. They are often without a voice, and sadly their emotional wounds go untreated. This can lead to a significant risk of PTSD and depression. Most of these families have had no support in dealing with the experiences of war.

The aim of the project is to equip parents and teachers to:

  • Reflect and come to terms with what happened.
  • Reflect on what God says about suffering and how His word can bring healing.
  • Identify behavior caused by trauma and apply strategies to engage.
  • Recognize signs of childhood trauma that impact behavior and learning.
  • Facilitate healing groups in schools and the wider community.

The project’s aim is to be operational in 20 schools in South Sudan over a period of 6 -12 months. It will be implemented using a model of biblical and mental health principles, adapted to the local community.

Depending on funding availability, the program will include healing activities such as storytelling, poems, music and skits using materials from the Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute. These tools will be used to train and equip teachers, peer leaders and parents to facilitate their own trauma healing sessions.

Please show your support! Help us provide these precious children from South Sudan with the skills to deal effectively with trauma, so they can recover and live a normal life.