Getting to know Stephen Mbogo, our International CEO

Stephen Mbogo has a passion for the transformation of Africa through the power of the Gospel. He also has a heart for godly leadership, and its potential to transform nations. 

Stephen was born into a family with traditional, animistic beliefs. After his parents committed their lives to Christ, Stephen became a “pretending” believer. But that changed when, at 19 years of age, he turned on a cassette tape. Intending to listen to Michael Jackson, the recording on the tape was in fact a powerful Gospel message. Stephen responded to the Gospel and recalls that it was the “best day of my life, as I laid down my burdens and received reprieve”.

Looking back on his childhood, Stephen remembers that a primary school teacher told his mother that he “would amount to nothing” academically. Stephen’s mother cried, and then resigned from her government managerial job and went to study teaching – for Stephen’s sake. Today, Stephen credits his doctorate to his mother’s support and belief in him.

Stephen and his wife Rosemary now have their own kids, Victor (24) and Joy (18), and they have also welcomed several other kids into their family. Stephen takes delight in mentoring young people and providing guidance in terms of life issues, godly values and career decisions.

Life for Stephen has been a journey of faith. He recalls how, having a preaching appointment at a high school 65 km away, he once got onto a bus without money for the trip. Some drunk men on the bus paid his fare for him, but after preaching, he had to walk most of the way home.

Since becoming our international CEO in 2012, Stephen has had to trust God for provision for AE’s entire ministry. Altogether, he has been serving at AE for nearly 30 years. And after decades of extensive evangelism, leadership and community development in Africa, Stephen still holds fast to the faithfulness of the God that saved him.