The Adama Mission took place 26-29 December bringing local churches together for the citywide mission! 360 evangelists went out for one-to-one stratified evangelism on the first day reaching 6,000 people with the gospel of Christ!

Eskinder is pastor of a local church in Adama and steering committee member of Adama Mission. He, along with other members, were active in organising the mission. He said “The Adama Mission experience has led the church in Adama into new heights in doing evangelism. Because of this mission we have been equipped more on the process of mission preparation. We are also squarely reminded that we as a church have left behind our prime calling; which is mission. Moreover, we have ascertained that African Enterprise is a real church partner that seeks the transformation of a city with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The outcome of all this is that we as a church have started to ponder to organize citywide mission by ourselves. And since we have learnt from AE, we think city-wide mission is possible with long term planning and excellent management.”

Through the Adama Mission 28,100 people were reached with the gospel of Christ and 2,290 people committed their life to the Lord. Past missions have showed that the seed of the gospel sown in the mission period starts to bear fruit in the coming weeks and months, so it is believed that many more will come to churches to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour!





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