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The AE teams in Africa are working hard to continue with their planned missions for 2020 through Home Based Evangelism (HBE). They are trying to find creative ways to reach out in their communities and evangelise, facing challenges that we cannot always comprehend.

Poor internet connection (or none), limited access to devices and exceptionally expensive data are of the few issues our teams are currently dealing with. In addition to this there are poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, marital issues, limited health care and a shortage of food and hygiene supplies.

Our AE African Teams are planning online training and evangelism where possible and outdoor events as soon as restrictions are lifted. They are also exploring options of training and evangelism through television and radio broadcasting in able to reach more people.

As the AE Australasia team, we are steadfast in prayer for our African teams and have been increasing our social media presence to create more awareness of the situations our teams are facing in Africa, but also to bring you joy and thanks for supporting us. Your prayers and support have helped us to make an impact where needed.

This is what we have been up to:

Radio Broadcasts
Listen to our CEO, Ben Campbell talking to Vision and Rhema radio stations in regards to Aid & Development and Africa in Lock-down.
Vision (AUS)
Rhema (NZ)

Social Media
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Have you seen our Facebook post about these African kids singing Father Abraham? It’s been viewed by 7.6K people already! Our most viewed post so far!

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Whether you are supporting us through financial gifts, prayer or just by following us on social media, you are helping to make an impact. We are very grateful for your support.











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