Over the years I have been familiar with many mission organisations. With African Enterprise I think every dollar given towards evangelism is an incredible investment as I know of no other organisation that could reach more than a million people each year and have well over 100,000 first time commitments to Jesus as such a low cost. 

This is because they are embedded in Africa with African personnel and have a phenomenal set of linkages and relationships with the wider church across Africa who assist at little or no cost. Their reputation has been built over more than 50 years of consistent evangelism and their methodology is excellent and honed by 5 decades of citywide evangelism.

After more than thirty years of supporting this ministry I am still enthused by the level of commitment shown by the evangelists and I have encouraged my own church in Australia to support the ministry which it does.

I have met most of the AE evangelists over the years and some have paid the ultimate price for the sake of the Gospel. I am humbled by their dedication and delighted to call may my friends.

AE is a ministry very worthy of support.

– Mike Woodall

(Mike is the former CEO of African Enterprise) 

As we come up to the end of the financial year, we ask that you remember African Enterprise and give towards our end of the financial year goal of $65,000 to provide clean water to communities in Africa.





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