Emmanuel Yeboah first joined the Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Program in 2010 just after his mother passed away. Emmanuel had to resort to street trading in order to support his 3 siblings and was unable to finish school.

Emmanuel heard about African Enterprise and the SCAP program from a friend and shortly after he was accepted for the tailoring course.

If you have been supporting and praying for African Enterprise for a long time, you might have even came across a Christmas card that was written by Emmanuel in 2013.

Emmanuel completed his training in 2013 and was able to set up a small workshop at home.

By 2015 Emmanuel had his own shop with 2 industrial machines. Ben Sachie, the Team Leader for AE Ghana, has recently paid a visit to Emmanuel. He still has his shop and is doing well, he even makes the school uniforms for one of the local schools. Here is what Emmanuel recently shared about his time after finishing the program:

“By the space of one year after completing the vocation, I was having so many clients who brought their materials for sewing. It was too much on me that I had to teach my sister how to sew so that she can help me to serve our customers because the demand was very high. One and half years later I had my own shop. I think this is the doing of the Lord. My encounter with African Enterprise has been a blessing to me which I cannot express at all. God is indeed working through them and all their sponsors. I have decided that some time to come I will also give back to society.”

Ben Sachie, AE Ghana Team Leader, wrote the following about Emmanuel:

“Emmanuel is the epitome of hope and encouragement to every young person pursuing his carreer. His way of life, mannerism and character demonstrate his passion to work no matter how conditions become an impediment. His life summarizes a quote from Franklin Roosevelt which states that “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” We will continue to pray for Emmanuel Yeboah that God will help him achieve greater height.”

Thank you for your support and for transforming lives across Africa. Your faithful support of African Enterprise and our programs has helped many like Emmanuel to gain skills and improve their quality of life.

Prayer Point – Pray for Emmanuel Yeboah and all of those who have been through the SCAP program. Pray for doors to be opened for these young adults so they can find employment and better their circumstances.