“I’ve heard about Jesus,” she told them “can you tell me more about Him?”

Door to Door ministry is a powerful tool in reaching the community. Ministers come to a neighbourhood and go house by house preaching the Gospel. In poor communities like this, most people know each other and the Gospel spreads quickly throughout the entire community, even those missed by the evangelists.

One team was out ministering door to door last week and came upon a Muslim household. In conformity to strict Islamic tradition, it was the man’s prerogative to give permission to the mission volunteers to speak to his family about Christ which he resolutely refused.

As the mission volunteers prepared to move on, one of them noticed that Zainab (not her real name), the man’s wife was trying to signal the team when her husband was not looking. The team left and waited a safe distance away where her husband could not see them and Zainab soon followed.

“I’ve heard about Jesus,” she told them “can you tell me more about Him?” The mission team explained the Gospel to her and the need for salvation and Zainab surrendered her life to Christ then and there.

Zainab asked that the team continue to pray for her as she is unable to share openly about this event with her family or community. She asked for prayer for her husband, that he too may come to meet the Saviour.

Pray that Zainab remains sustained in her faith and is able to impact her family for Christ.





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