One of our Gospel workers met Nasanga at a medical camp on one of the first days of the Kampala mission in September. The following was their conversation:

Gospel worker: What was your life before receiving Jesus?

Nasanga: My life was a discouraging life. I was blind and was unable to see my two children (Shelunjiji Sharif and Shalua Kagemulo). One of my children had a heart tumor and I wasn’t able to help him because of my blindness. I was also being attacked by demons.

Gospel worker: What happened after you received Jesus?

Nasanga: After I received Jesus I repented from my sins and asked God to renew my vision. He answered my prayer, I could not believe it-I was able to see again! Since then my faith has been strong. My child has been healed from his heart tumor as well!

Gospel worker: Why are you at the medical camp today?

Nasanga: Yesterday I heard an announcement about a car that was taking people to a medical camp which was organized by African Enterprise. I was having teeth problems and decided to go to the medical camp to get some medicine. I was then reminded of what Jesus had done for me and I thought I should invite my neighbors to attend, three neighbors have come with me today.

Gospel worker: How about your husband?

Nasanga: My husband is Islamic. Because of what God has done for me he is allowing me to go to Church, but he has not received Jesus yet. I believe that one day Jesus will turn my husband’s heart towards him.

Gospel worker: What are you doing that bring you daily income?

Nasanga: I do not have a job. I stay home and do activities around the house. My husband helps me care for the children.

Gospel worker: Did you get treatment for your teeth?

Nasanga: My tooth was extracted and I feel much better. I can’t explain how good the service was, and it was all free!

Gospel worker: What will you do for Jesus?

Nasanga: I am going to tell everyone how good Jesus is and what he’s done in my life, that’s why I’ve invited my neighbors to the medical camp.





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