Pastor Daniel Waithaka is from the Full Gospel Church in Embu Kenya. He joined the mission volunteers who had travelled overnight from Kenya, arriving to Kampala Uganda on Friday morning of the mission in September.

In expressing the importance of prayer, he offers the following:

In approaching an evangelistic meeting, there has to be strategies in place, and one of them is prayer. We’ve been praying for a long time prior to this mission. This is because we believe that the prayer prepares the hearts of people we preach to, and preparing the hearts of the people to like the Gospel message. God opens doors, eg the police station.  This is a restricted secure zone, but with the approach of AE, they accepted us.

The same thing is happening the schools, hospitals and prison. Other places that are very restricted. 

This also applies to the opening of doors into meeting with the political leaders, at which time we will have an alter call. 

Prayer also underpins cooperation, particularly amongst churches.  People just don’t come together so easily.  We can’t take the unity we have created for granted. This is the power of God. 

Also willingness to participate by individual churches. Most mission volunteers have been hosted in homes, willingly by the participants. Through prayer, God prepares the hearts of people. We attribute this to what God has done through prayer.

Participant of the government is also so important. The government provided the trucks to help us in the clean-up, and this was made possible through prayer. This has made it possible to see the love of God through this work. 

Also the resources that are required. The Lord provides the means of supplying the food, water and administrative expenses associated with this mission. 

Praying to prepare the lives of people to be saved.  People aren’t saved by being experts in preaching.  We recruit members of churches.  Some have never witnessed before, have been trained in just a few moments, and yet have led people to Jesus because someone has been waiting for them to bring them the good news of Jesus. People gladly accept, not because they are experts, but because God has prepared their heart. 

Stephen has been given the opportunities to preach in a maximum security area during the Kampala mission due to God opening doors.

Amen and thanks to Stephen for helping us to see how the Lord has prepared the way in so many ways.





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