Our much loved AE Zimbabwe Team Leader and his family process the loss of their home


2020 has been a difficult year for Guide Makore, our AE Zimbabwe Team Leader. On the 19th of October, Guide and his family lost their home in a house fire. Since then, Guide, Forgiveness and their 5 children have been slowly rebuilding their lives.

The family is processing the loss of their home, and the trauma of the incident, with the help of counselling. Forgiveness and the children have been experiencing nightmares, while Guide has been struggling with a burden of false guilt, as he ponders how he could have prevented the family’s loss. Guide mentioned that even their young baby has been unsettled, as if she has been sensing the distress of her family members.

Following their loss, churches, Christian organisations and individuals have rallied to support Guide and family both emotionally, spiritually and financially. Guide has been keeping a record of gifts and donations received, and the family are so grateful.

After losing their home, Guide and family initially stayed with friends, before temporarily moving into the AE Zimbabwe office. The family have currently secured another interim residence, as they begin the process of rebuilding their home.

Guide and Forgiveness have asked us to convey their gratitude to all of our supporters who have given so generously to help them rebuilt and to those who are keeping the Makore family in their prayers. Please continue to pray for Guide and his family during this challenging time.

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