Please pray for Guide, AE Zimbabwe Team Leader and all those currently struggling in Zimbabwe.

The cost of living is very high such that our take home pay cannot sustain us. The prices have trippled – eg 2 litres of cooking oil which used to cost US $3.00 is now costing us US $18.00. One loaf of bread which used to be US $1.00 is now US $2.25 and we cannot afford to pay school fees for our children. We cannot afford basic commodities like groceries which has resulted in us having one substandard meal per day.

Fuel costs and its scarcity has affected our mobility which has restricted our ability to prepare for the 2019 Bulawayo for Jesus Mission and Gaberone – Botswana Top Leadership Mission.

Water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid have become a concern for us and we need to drill our own borehole at the AE office and mission house which will cater for us and the community. Without a borehole we cannot afford both bathing and washing soap. Basic food supplies are out of stock and we are now living as beggars. This traumatic experience is so dehumanising!

It is now so difficult to fundraise locally. In the light of our mission statement, communities are requesting us to help in terms of providing food, boreholes, scholarships for orphans and vulnerable children, sex workers and street kids, but we cannot. Ministry has become a big challenge as they expect us to provide food after preaching to them.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have requested us to intensify our mission and evangelism to Police officers and donate Bibles. Our outreaches to the city help reduce corruption and the high crime rate. Schools are requesting Foxfires (AE Ministry which focuses on reaching the very youngest strata of society) to intensify evangelistic anti-drug & substance abuse and also to distribute food and relief as compassion ministry to the hungry pupils .The churches we work in partnership with are requesting us to seize this opportunity to the maximum by exuding our saltiness and light by making sure that the word becomes flesh in this our hopeless and helpless situation.

In spite of these challenges, the Zimbabwe team did recently complete an outreach to local police officers and they were very encouraged by the encounter. 60 officers made confessions of faith and the police chaplain has requested that AE Zimbabwe host a Peace and Reconciliation training with 8-12 selected officers in the near future. I also received a message from him this morning that the ceiling of their office caught fire but self-extinguished before it could cause any damage to equipment. I’ve never heard of a fire doing this so praise God that no more was damaged.

-Guide Makore, AE Zimbabwe





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