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Street kid to African Leader – The powerful testimony of the late Stephen Lungu

Stephen Lungu clutched his bag of petrol bombs tightly as he and his fellow gang members approached the large gathering inside the tent.  It was just before 7 PM and a huge crowd had gathered to...

Why Africa?

Michael Cassidy shares his thoughts What makes Africa relevant to those of us who live in Australia? We recently chatted to Michael Cassidy about the obvious question, “Why Africa?”, and here is...

Makindye Arise for Christ

African Evangelistic Enterprise Uganda (AEE-U) has been doing urban evangelism for more than 45 years. This year’s Makindye mission which took place from 22 - 29 November 2020 was greatly affected...

What’s in a name – Harambee

The inspirational story behind the word ‘harambee’ The Swahili word harambee means ‘all pull together’. The word appears on Kenya’s coat of arms as the nation’s official motto. More than that,...

Before you were born

Meet Ben Sachie, the inspiring Team Leader of AE Ghana Bernard Owusu Sachie, Team Leader of AE Ghana, has been serving at African Enterprise since 2004. Born in 1965, Ben lived with his aunt and...

Maternity at Milne

Maternal health in Uganda, and at AE’s Milne Medical Centre Pregnancy can be dangerous. For every 100,000 births in Uganda, 343 women die. In Australia, that number is 5. In Uganda, over 400,000...

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