Women in Need (WIN)

Women in Need (WIN) is a special segment of the Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Project (SCAP) focusing on training young women who are in need. Participants are trained in skills including pastry making, liquid soap making and screen printing. The course runs for five weeks and provides participants with start-up tools and money to begin generating income to support them and their families.

Mary Annan

Mary Annan’s dream was to become a caterer. However, she came from a single-parent family and though her mother worked hard to provide for Mary Annan, they could not afford the cost of catering training. She lost all hope of following her dream, until she found African Enterprise. She registered for the catering section of the WIN course and has been training in pastry-making. Mary is thankful for the demonstration of love from the people of AE Ghana, and expressed her thanks for the AE donors who have enabled her to have a better life. With a new gas oven, she is ready to set up her own business! She is hopeless no more.

Roberto Saakor Kutsoke

Roberto Saakor Kutsoke lives with her uncle and though she managed to complete Senior High School, her uncle had many children to take care of and couldn’t afford to send her to vocational training or college. Roberto has always wanted to be a fashion designer, but there was no way she could make that happen. Then a friend told her about African Enterprise and she eagerly applied to the dressmaking and tailoring course that they offer. She was accepted into the course, and AE Ghana provided her with a sewing machine and paid her tuition fees. She thrived in the course, full of happiness at the opportunity that AE had given her. It has changed her life and the smile on her face is enough to say how much she is grateful to AE for the support.

Beatrice Nkrumah

“I am so happy by this program. When I completed school last year (2018) there was no hope for me because I came from a very poor background. But this training has given me new hope, and it is radically transforming my life into a business woman. I cannot wait to complete this training and start generating income to assist in helping my younger siblings and myself.” 


Deborah Amponsah

“I am so elated by this once in a lifetime opportunity. After my schooling, I couldn’t find a job so I had to depend on a man for survival. This resulted in having a child.  The man vanished and I had to fend for myself and the child. Life became unbearable, but thanks to God and AE Ghana, I am undergoing the WIN training.  I am so grateful to God and I thank AE donors. The Bible studies are shaping my life, and I see the training as an income generating venture which will greatly enhance and improve my life. I am very thankful to the donors. God richly bless you all.”