QUICK STATISTICS:  Location: East Africa  Population: 52.4 Million  Major Cities: Dar es Salaam 5.6 million, Mwanza 838,000, Zanzibar 403,658, Arusha 341,136, Mbeya 291, 641, Morogoro 250,905, Tanga 224,876, Dodoma 180,541, Kigoma 164,268, Moshi 156,959. Major Languages: Swahili, English, Kiunguja, Arabic  Official Language: English, Swahili

Acting Team Leader:​ Emmanuel Kopwe


Emmanuel has been with AE for 34 years now and was previously AE Tanzania Team Leader, Pan African Director for Reconciliation and AE Tanzania Board member.  Emmanuel studied both theology and telecommunications before moving into academic roles, and joined AE in 1986. He has stepped back into the operational role of AE Team Leader (Acting) until a new Team Leader is appointed.

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