Today, Benoite’s life is all about Jesus, but she says that until recently, her life was characterised by conflict, alcohol and neglect.

The Rwandan lady admits that she was living without hope and without God. Her alcoholism was controlling her whole life, and her relationships with her four children, her husband, and her neighbours were damaged.

“I just spent almost the whole day only spreading rumours about my neighbours, and in most cases such rumours were influenced by jealousy and characterised by jealous words.” Benoite says. “I started realising that I was in conflict with my husband because of the big gap created at my home.”

“Not only has that lifestyle affected me, but also my children since I hardly spent any time with them. Neither could I take the time to prepare balanced food for them, nor take care of their sanitation and their cleanliness, nor did I consider their education to be of any importance,” she confesses.

Around Easter 2023, African Enterprise held an evangelistic campaign titled ‘Jesus All About Life’ (JAAL) in Rwanda. This campaign, run in partnership with the Bible Society and modelled on a campaign first run in Australia over 10 years ago, was designed to help communities to hear about the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for our sins through his death and resurrection during the Easter period.

In Rwanda, the JAAL campaign reached half a million people in schools, universities, public spaces, churches, sports evangelism, radio and television. In just two months, 10,000 Rwandans committed to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord!

Some JAAL events were held near Benoite’s home in the Rusizi District. Benoite decided to go along to an event, and heard the gospel preached.

She says, “The preaching based on John 14:1-6 seemed to be focusing on my life! I decided to commit my life to Jesus Christ as the master of my life as a decision to change. I repented and asked for forgiveness from God, and the preacher prayed for me.”

After Benoite received Christ, her life changed. She shares, “Since then, I have been experiencing more peace than I have ever had before, I have regained my hope”. Benoite has also started to work with her family towards economic stability and relational harmony as a fruit of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Benoite said, “Today, my children, my husband, and my neighbours are living at peace, and they enjoy family life. My children enjoy going to school, and I now ensure that at home I spend more time with them”.

Benoite now spends her time praying, reading the Bible, and goes to church with her children. She also ensures she has time to look after her home and is working to give her family a better life. Now that her life is all about Jesus, she has found a more peaceful, hopeful and meaningful life.