Rwanda is one of the countries that African Enterprise (AE) has a presence in. AE Rwanda runs missions and programs to share the hope-filled news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this country that bears many deep scars.

Kicukiro District is one of three districts in the Rwandan city of Kigali. In July 2023, it was the site of an African Enterprise mission that saw over 850,000 people reached and 2000 people turn to Jesus.

Pastor Jonathan is a parish leader in the Kicukiro District of Rwanda, which includes five sectors. Before the mission, churches in his area were facing limitations and challenges from the authorities and some were worried about how people were going to hear the gospel because of this. For example, Jonathan explains, “Our churches were not using amplified instruments due to government regulations regarding sound levels in the church.”

Jonathan and others were initially concerned that the inability to make their presence known in their churches was going to stop people from coming.

“But in such a time,” Jonathan says, “God brought AE and we did missions together.”

African Enterprise helped pastors like Jonathan and other local Christians see the need to get out of their churches and reach people, instead of relying on broadcasting loudly from within the church. And that’s exactly what they did: in a huge program of mission activities, much of which took place in areas where many Christians would never think to go.

After the mission, Jonathan said, “We have seen God doing wonders in our district and we have learnt that sinners and non-believers need us to find them where they are, not waiting for them to come to us.”

Pastor Jonathan also explains that AE helped the church before the mission began with training and prayer sessions in Kicukiro for churches from all denominations. “All this has come to show us that in Christ there are no divisions based on a certain affiliation,” he says.

“In my experience as a pastor, I see that this can be a trigger to the fight against divisions in churches and conflicts based on different church affiliations. We ask that you might help us even in the process of follow up and discipleship because we have a multitude of people who gave their lives to Christ,” he shares.

Praise the Lord for the work of AE and Pastor Jonathan in the Kicukiro District and pray for continued unity between churches as they seek to overcome government limitations, share the gospel and follow up new believers.