Kenya is one of the oldest AE Field Offices, having been set up in 1976 – over 40 years ago! Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo is the Global CEO/Team Leader for Kenya. Stephen’s great passion is to see the Gospel reach as many people as possible, which has been evident through the immense reach of missions and social action projects in Kenya. Social action projects in the last 5 years have included a Women’s Rehabilitation and Empowerment project at Mathare, schools ministry through the Foxfires youth evangelists, peace and reconciliation projects and a sanitation project at Korogocho slum. Missions between 2013 and 2016 have been carried out in universities and through city wide missions to Kitale and Kenyatta University (2013), Isiolo (2014), Eldoret (2015) and Kakamega (2016), reaching nearly 390,000 with the Gospel, and bringing over 27,000 people to Christ! In 2017, AE Kenya is preparing for a June Mission to the majority Islamic town of Malindi on the coast. Please pray for pastor training in evangelism and discipleship in preparation for the mission.



The ‘Malindi for Jesus’ Mission has just finished in the coastal Kenyan city of Malindi! 10,126 people made commitments for Christ, while the Gospel was proclaimed to 93,757 people.

Read a summary here.


TEAM LEADER: Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo

image2Since 1992, Stephen has served with AE Team in Kenya, first as Youth and Missions Coordinator, and from 2000 as Team Leader for Kenya. In 2013 he was appointed to the role of AE Global CEO/Team Leader for Kenya. He has great experience working in cross-cultural contexts throughout Africa, in both Christian and business environments. He is a frequent speaker on the international stage, visiting AE support offices throughout the world in his role as International CEO. Stephen has a passion for godly, Biblical leadership and a heart to see Africa transformed through the salvation of its people and the sound governance of its leaders. In Kenya, projects include the Mathare Women Empowerment Project, and community led sanitation initiatives in Nairobi’s Korogocho Slum.


PROJECT 1: Korogocho Slum Sanitation Project

Korogocho is an extensive slum neighbourhood, which is found on the outskirts of Nairobi. It is estimated to have a population of over 200,000, in a tiny 1.5km2. Korogocho is likely the fourth largest slum in the city. According to the World Health Program (WHO, 2013) poor sanitation contributes to about 700,000 child deaths from diarrhoea each year. AE has been working in Korogocho to alleviate diseases that come from poor sanitation for over 10 years. The project targets the poorest households in the slum.

In 2016, AE Kenya educated and trained 120 Korogocho residents about the importance of good sanitation and hygiene practices. The team also built 13 pit latrines servicing around 200 households and 2 informal schools.

In 2017, the goal of AE Kenya through the Korogocho project is to construct 25 pit latrines, 25 hand washing stations and to run several community health workshops to benefit 150 households in Korogocho. This project has been instrumental in restoring dignity and safety to many residents in the slum, protecting children’s and women’s rights and showing the love of God to slum residents through the work of AE.


Project 2: Mathare Women Empowerment Project

Women are a particularly vulnerable group in a slum setting, especially when they are unmarried. AE Kenya saw a need to look after the most vulnerable of these women through the Mathare Project. Since 1995, AE Kenya have been working to empower former commercial sex workers, unskilled & vulnerable single mothers, and women living with HIV & AIDS in Nairobi’s Korogocho, Kariobangi, and Mathare Slums. Each year, the aim is to retrain 30 women with practical skills to help them escape the poverty cycle. Mathare also offers support and counselling to those women who have suffered trauma in the past. This project ties in with Millennium Development Goals 1 and 3, with its focus on training women with vocational skills. Over a period of a year, women are trained in courses such as dressmaking and design, soap production, entrepreneurship, and bead work. They are also taught business and entrepreneurial skills, so that the conclusion of the programme they are ready to apply for loans for start-ups, establish new businesses and look after their families.

Please watch the videos below to see what AE is doing in other Vulnerable Women Projects throughout Africa.


AE Kenya follows the AE model of stratified evangelism to conduct city wide missions every year, targeting every level of society including leaders, professionals, business people, police officers, schools, universities and more. Between 2013 and 2016, the Team has run several missions.

In 2013, the Kitale Mission to west Kenya reached 116,300 people and 7,390 people made commitments for Christ. 644 evangelists, both local and visiting, partnered with 123 churches for the mission. A second mission in 2013, at Kenyatta University (Nairobi), reached 6,000 students and 291 people were saved.

In 2014, a mission to central Kenya at Isiolo reached 56,198 people and 2,992 people made commitments for Christ. 550 evangelists, both local and visiting partnered with 71 churches for the mission.

The Eldoret Great Mission in west Kenya in 2015 reached 103,394 people and brought 8,672 people to know Jesus. A huge team of 1,443 evangelists partnered with 178 churches for this mission!

In 2016, the Kakamega (in Kenya’s west) mission in June reached 105,807 and 8,189 made commitments for Christ. As was the case with the mission in 2015, a large team of evangelists (1,200) participated, and 147 churches worked alongside them.

For 2017, the city wide mission will be held in the coastal town of Malindi. Preparations are well underway, with PTC and evangelism training having occurred in April 2017. Please pray for a dynamic mission in June!



April 2017 (From Global CEO and Interim AE Kenya Team Leader Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo)

  • Please continue to pray for the Foxfires team, who were due to participate in two youth conferences at the end of April, as well as two other missions.
  • The Malindi Mission for Jesus is approaching very quickly! PTC and evangelism training for mission participants and church leaders is well underway – please pray for diligent preparation and great excitement for the Mission in early June.
  • Pray that the social action projects in Kenya will be progressing smoothly and reaching many people to improve their livelihoods. (Projects include: Korogocho Sanitation, Isiolo Malaria Initiative, Mathare Women Empowerment, Soweto Kayole PHC and South Sudan Peace Programme.)
  • A new AE Kenya Team Leader to replace Rev. Edward Ngaira, who finished in 2016. International CEO Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo has been serving in this role in the interim.