There is a desperate need to bring the Gospel of Jesus to French-speaking areas of West Africa, areas that have been influenced be secular history, and significantly impacted by the Muslim push down from the North of Africa. It is in these regions that religious extremism can take hold, with alternative and destructive ideologies taking root in areas such as Mali that build a base to impact sub-Saharan areas of Africa.

It is in the face of these challenges and threats to freedom, that the churches in neighbouring countries have embraced African Enterprise’s model to evangelise the cities of Africa in Word and Deed in partnership with the church.

Evangelism Training

Our latest push is into Togo, where the AE Team Leader Ben Sachie has been delighted with the enthusiasm of the 1,000 leaders from over 150 churches who attended evangelism training and vision casting over the past week.  Even the most senior of church leaders participated for three days of training to equip the churches for effective evangelism and discipling of new believers.

Photo – Evangelism training for church leaders in Lomé.

Churches as so keen to implement what they have learnt, that many have already commenced local evangelism to help qualify them for participation in the capital Lome citywide mission in 2020. Each church involved will be reporting back to AE on their progress, so we can utilize the learnings for next year.

Our hope is that over the next three years, AE Ghana together with the Togo church are hoping to reach over 181,550 people in Lomé with the gospel over the next three years.

Ben Sachie also visited Benin, and engaged with the vice chairman of the Christian council and several church leaders.  We are expecting an official invitation to run a vision casting session amongst church leaders next year!











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