Hundreds of outreaches took place in September in the Rubaga district of Kampala. From free medical camps to door to door evangelism to leadership outreach dinners, the city was truly saturated with the Gospel from top to bottom.

One of the key tools in ministering on this mission were the mobile rallies in which a mission team straps large speakers to the top of a vehicle and drives around busy areas preaching the Gospel. The audience is often made up of business people and their customers going about their usual business. The team stops at regular intervals to call for salvation and pray with people. They take the details of the new believers with the purpose of connecting them to local churches later.

“It was quite a sight,” Agnes said. “You can’t help but notice and listen to what they are saying.”

Agnes is 23 years old and owns a small shop. She once considered herself a Christian but over the years, she wandered further and further away from God and eventually renounced her faith completely.

As Agnes was going about her business, the ministry vehicle appeared playing loud music. “It was quite a sight,” Agnes said. “You can’t help but notice and listen to what they are saying.” As the team concluded their sermon Agnes was compelled to go speak with them about something she had never confessed before.

“For the last several months,” Agnes said. “I’ve been terrorized in my dreams. I dread nightfall because I know that the terrors will visit me again. Snakes biting me, animal attacks, even people attacking me! I fear sleep and I don’t know what to do.”

The team shared the Gospel with her and asked if she’d like to come back to Christ. “I know that Christ is the only place to find salvation and deliverance from this miserable life,” she said. So there, in the middle of the busy street in Kampala, Agnes recommitted her life to Christ and found new joy and freedom.





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